Why Publish

Posted Sep 29, '15 at 4:00 PM

This post started off titled Why Write? but that really wasn’t interesting to me. I write all the time, and more importantly, I know why I write. Writing forces me to give shape to my ideas and thoughts. Even when I can’t put words to paper, I’ll talk out loud to myself.

No, writing isn’t a problem. What I’m not doing is publishing.

It’s taken a lot of thought—and many drafts—to get here, a place where I can articulate the disconnect.

It’s not as simple as words giving form to my thoughts. It’s bidirectional. Words don’t just give shape to my thoughts, they actually shape them. Writing reprograms me. I am changed.

This presents a problem. Whatever challenge I was facing, no longer presents a problem. The changes to my mind won’t even allow me to see the challenge in the first place. And why would I ever share such an obvious idea with the world?

The impossible, achieved, is no longer impossible. I can’t help but feel that success somehow diminishes my accomplishments. That’s an unproductive and dangerous direction of thought.

Fortunately, writing is not the only way to reprogram one’s mind. Reading has the same effect. I am privileged to live in a time where it’s never been easier for anyone to make themselves heard.

Every day I come across at least one article, story, or post that makes me think differently. Perhaps I might do the same.

And that’s why I will publish.


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