About the Author

About the Author

My name is Erik Hess and I’m a web designer, illustrator and recovering fighter pilot living in Carson City, NV. I spent thirteen years in the Navy flying Tomcats and Super Hornets off aircraft carriers and teaching others to do the same. For a short time after that I flew Tigers in the Naval Reserve.

In 2010, I left active duty to work full-time as partner, designer and developer at high90, a software company I founded with Bob VanderClay in 2005. I’m also co-founder of Carrier Landing Consultants, LLC, the world’s only Landing Signal Officer and Carrier Operations consulting firm.

Outside of the Navy and high90, I’ve collaborated with Gabe Weatherhead on a few cool projects, namely NerdQuery, CriticMarkup, Generational, and Technical Difficulties.

About This Site

I created The Mindful Bit in late 2011 to look for an intersection of mindfulness, productivity, and technology. I’m trying to see the world of tech while keeping an eye on its impermanent, emergent, and inherently unsatisfying nature. While I don’t have any good answers, I do think it’s possible to have enlightening conversations around the questions this world throws at us.

Since its launch, I’ve posted some flying stories and pictures, along with a few articles on technology and related fields. I’m still working on the mindfulness part and probably will be for the rest of my life.

The site has been rebuilt six times, using Tumblr, WordPress, Squarespace, Ruhoh, Statamic, and now Jekyll hosted via Github Pages. I use the site to prototype new web technologies, so it changes a bunch. I hope that doesn’t get too annoying for you.

We are what we do, not what we claim to be. This site is no exception.